Multitemp PF CC 203

Multitemp PF CC 203

Product description:

Multitemp HGW2083is a cost effective Cotton Phenolic laminate made from very fine weavecotton fabric, with good electrical and mechanical properties. Can be machined to a good finished product.

Multitemp HGW2083has the finest weave finish structure in the HGW ranges.

Multitemp HGW2083mainly is used for several applications: Piston Rings, Punched Components, Rotor Blades, Wear Resistant Components, Gears, Ball Race Cages, Cryogenic Components, Low Voltage Insulations, Insulating Bushes. etc.

Multitemp HGW2083can be delivered as sheet cut-offs and finished parts.

  • Max. sheet dimension 2800 x 1300 mm or 1300 x 1100 mm
  • Thickness 0.3 – 200 mm (standard full sheet sizes)

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