Bearing Technology


As market leader in composite and synthetic bearing technology Kuhne Industrie BV creates a various range of solutions for different applications. When conventional based materials do not bring solutions, Kuhne Industrie BV offers a wide range alternative technologies. Our fiber based composites and high-tech plastics can often be used for maintenance free operation. Kuhne Industrie BV is producing bearings in standard sizes and offers customer made bearing solutions. Kuhne Industrie BV has several engineers who help to design the bearing solution you need.  Kuhne Industrie BV is producer of the Feroball® spherical bearing, we can offer the Feroball® bearing in a wide range of materials and customer made alternatives. Kuhne Industrie BV offers the Polylube® MRP and Polylube® Fiber bearings.

New: We also offer Polyslide® cylinder tubes in different sizes for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Ask us for more detailed information.

Bearing applications:

- Rudder bearings
- Propeller shaft bearings
- Deck equipment
- Offshore applications
- Agriculture applications
- Dump truck applications
- Railway applications
- Dredging applications
- Road construction applications
- Water gates and moving bridge applications

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Bearing Technology