Multitemp G11

Multitemp G11

Multitemp G11 is an epoxy glass with a temperature resistance up to 200°C, high mechanical properties and good electrical insulation at high temperature.

Multitemp G11is also very resistance to chemicals and radiation and the material can also be used at cryogenic temperatures.

Multitemp G11 is also known under the following names:

IEC 60893: EP GC 203

DIN 7735: HGW 2372.4

Nema LI 1: G11

AVAILABILITYMultitemp G11 can be delivered as whole sheets, tube, cut pieces or end products according to drawing:Sheet Dimensions: 1020 x 2040 mm Thickness: 3 – 100 mm Tube Inner diameter: up to Ø1250 mm Outer diameter:: up to Ø1270 mm Length: 1000 mm


Multitemp H91 is used in:

• Ovens

• Moulds

• Presses

• Foundries

• Shipping

• Exhaust systems