Multitemp Mica MM

Multitemp Mica MM

Product discription:

Multitemp Muscovite Mica (MM)and Multitemp Phlogopite Mica (MP) are resin bounded mica materials.

Multitemp MM is made from Muscovite-Mica and a temperature-resistant resin, Multitemp MPis made from Phlogopite-Mica and a temperature-resistant resin, Multitemp MPcontains magnesium.

The color = Silver-grey (MM) / Gold-grey (MP).

Main applications:
Multitemp MMand Multitemp MPare asbestosfree and mainly used as a high-temperature insulation material in the mould- and presses-industry.

Multitemp MMand MPcan be delivered as sheet cut-offs and finished parts.

  • Max. sheet dimension 1000 x 1200 mm
  • Thickness 2 – 50 mm