Hydraulic applications are the beating heart of countless industries, from construction and agriculture to heavy earth-moving machinery. But civil structures such as movable bridges and lock gates also use hydraulic systems. The reliability of these systems is vital. Our corrosion-resistant Feroball® spherical plain bearings are designed to withstand high loads and dynamic movements, making them ideal for hydraulic cylinders and other moving components. They are an excellent solution for saltwater applications and, due to their high-quality materials, offer optimum service life with minimal maintenance, leading to improved performance and reduced downtime. We also offer the Polylube MRP® and Polylube EWS® plain bearing package which is specially developed for hydraulic cylinder applications in transport and agricultural applications. These bearings are self-lubricating and can withstand very heavy loads in polluting conditions.

Both standard and customised solutions are available;

We understand that hydraulic applications can be diverse and complex. Therefore, we offer customised solutions that perfectly match your specific requirements and specifications. Our team of experts is ready to advise you.

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