A familiar face as a supplier of marine applications for many years.

With our origins in friction materials for anchor winches, we have been involved in the maritime world for almost 100 years. Feroform and Railko materials in particular offer a very reliable product programme for these applications. We have supplied a large number of key players in this market with these and other materials for many years. The applied materials are mostly used for sliding situations in wet conditions. The great advantage of these materials is that these bearing bushings and sliding parts are custom-made. This makes these products easy to adapt to your requirements and situation.

We also have a complete range of spherical plain bearings (Feroball®) which are seawater-resistant and maintenance-free. Feroform is often used as water-borne / water-lubricated bearings for ship drive trains. Here, too, we offer a wide selection and technical support. This also applies to the rudder stock bearing of ships and the other moving parts of the ship's rudder. Here, fibre-reinforced composite materials such as Railko and Feroform are very often used. All these materials provide good sliding properties due to their own lubricant additive. Moreover, they also often suffice as insulators, making them also a protector against galvanic corrosion. This makes these composite materials ideal for marine applications.

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