Feroball® FBA

Feroball® FBA

Design - Material - Application

The Feroball® FBA is a self-lubricating spherical plain bearing for slow-moving or oscillating applications. In contrast to the standard Feroball® FBT-bearing, the FBA-serie bearing has been specifically developed for applications where weight and the use of metal components are an issue. As in the case of the FBA-serie, the FBK-serie is also manufactured entirely from composite material.

The Feroball® FBA-bearing, including the inner and outer rings, is manufactured entirely from the composite material Railko NF22 for shafts≤ Ø20 mmand Feroform PR18 for shafts≥ Ø25 mm,making it the ideal solution for applications that operate in highly corrosive environments. Although Feroball® bearings have been developed specifically for their low stick-slip values, Feroball® FBA-bearings have higher frictional values than the standard FBT-series.


Feroball® bearings continue to be developed byKühne Industrie B.V. For use in both existing and new applications, to take up thermal expansion and other combined radial and longitudinal movements.

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