On & Offshore

With a focus on composite bearings and insulation materials, we strive to provide the most durable and reliable solutions that meet your company's specific requirements.

Broad Applicability: Feroform and Railko materials are widely used in the offshore, oil and gas industry. The maintenance-free nature of these materials makes them ideally suited for use in harsh and difficult conditions. The advanced Multitemp composite materials, offer exceptional durability and performance even under the most demanding conditions. For example, we offer various insulation solutions to prevent galvanic corrosion in steel structures, such as the mounting of aluminium helicopter platforms on steel substructures.

We are proud of our European roots and the quality of our craftsmanship. All products are tailor-made to the highest standards, striving for excellence in detail. We believe in close cooperation with our customers. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in choosing the right material solution and providing technical expertise.

Find out how we can enhance your on- and offshore operations and contact us today for more exploratory discussion.