Polylube PGT

Polylube PGT

Product description:

The Multiglide PolyLube Glass Tape bearing is a moderate RPM bearing designed for applications with higher surface velocities or when mixed film conditions are desired.

Similar to the PG Series bearing, the PGT bearing is manufactured by a filament winding process that results in a continuous fiberglass filament backing composition-ensuring excellent mechanical properties (especially fatigue resistance) are attained. The filament wound fiberglass structure uses a high strength, corrosion resistant epoxy resin as the matrix material. The high strength backing permits the use of a thin wall bearing which can often reduce the size and weight of the finished bearing assembly. The bearing can handle high radial and longitudinal stresses.


Applications for Multiglide Polylube PGT Bearings range from guide rod bearings to linear motion components to hydraulic pumps. Swashblock mounted bearings are ideal applications for Multiglide Polylube PGT bearing material as long as application considerations are consistent with a mixed film condition.

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