Feroball® FBS

Feroball® FBS

Design - Material - Application

The Feroball® FBS spherical plain bearing is a self-lubricating spherical plain bearing, specially designed for slow-moving or oscillating applications. All Feroball® bearings are fine for use in damp or wet environments. The bearing has a very low stick-slip limit, the moment between standing still and moving.

The composite Feroform PR18, inner and outer ring, combined with a stainless steel 316L (1.4404) ball provides superior corrosion resistance compared to most other Cr-Ni steels. Other steel grades are also possible on request.


Feroball® bearings are continually being developed by Kühne Industrie B.V.. For use in existing- and new applications, to accommodate thermal expansion and other combined radial and longitudinal movements.

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