Civil Engineering

Your partner in Innovative plain bearing solutions for Civil Engineering for many years!

Our high-quality Feroball spherical plain bearings and Feroform plain bearings have been contributing to sustainability of civil engineering structures for years. We supply advanced bearing solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for movable bridges and lock gates. We manufacture specially designed components for this market, which can also be customised if required. This creates a unique collaboration between demand and technical supply.

Feroball spherical plain bearings:

Our Feroball spherical plain bearings are designed for optimum movement under extremely low loads. The combination of a specific stainless steel choice, AISI 316L / 1.4404, combined with optimised composite material gives a minimal stick-slip limit. Although spherical bearings can handle high loads, these very spherical bearings are ideally suited for low-load applications. Moreover, Feroball bearings are highly corrosion-resistant due to this material combination. As a result, no preservation through grease and seals is necessary in the application which often makes the design more economical in execution. It therefore makes these products ideal for applications in movable bridges and lock gates.

Our dedicated team of experts has in-depth technical knowledge and experience in the field of plain bearings for civil structures. We strive to provide solutions that meet your specific project requirements. We know that every project is unique. Therefore, we offer customised solutions that perfectly match your needs.

We value quality and reliability. Our plain bearings are manufactured in our own production to the highest standards to ensure the performance of your infrastructure projects.

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