Feroball® FBT

Feroball® FBT

Design - Material - Application

The Feroball® FBT is a self-lubricating spherical plain bearing specifically designed for slow-moving or oscillating applications. The bearing excels with a very low stick-slip limit in the transition from standstill to motion. It was primarily developed for movable bridge applications and subsequently extended to a variety of marine and industrial applications. The spherical plain bearing is available in five designs: ND (Normal Duty), HD (Heavy Duty), FW (widened ball), HO (extended inner ring) and I (Imperial).

The composite material Feroform T814, combined with stainless steel 316L (1.4404) inner and outer rings, results in the Feroball® FBT-bearing, which offers superior corrosion resistance over most other Cr-Ni steels. This bearing is ideally suited to damp or wet environments, including both sweet and salt water.


The bearings are also available in other steel types, as well as in imperial sizes.

Feroball® is available in either fixed or floating arrangements and includes the option of an inner ring with axial sliding capabilities.

Feroball® bearings continue to be developed byKühne Industrie B.V. For use in both existing and new applications, to take up thermal expansion and other combined radial and longitudinal movements.

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