Rail & Transportation

Rail and transport industry

The rail and transport industry requires materials that can withstand extreme loads and long-term use without maintenance. Railko® composite materials are designed to meet these unique challenges. They offer excellent sliding properties, low friction and withstand the harsh conditions of rail and transport applications. One of the key advantages of Railko® is its durability, leading to reduced maintenance costs and longer application life. Oil impregnation allows the products to be used for long periods without maintenance. This makes Railko® products the perfect choice moving parts on railway carriages, conveyor belts and other applications. Besides the Railko® material, we also offer a wide range of other composite materials used in the rail and transport industry. Among others, the Polylube MRP® and Polylube EWS® bearing materials are ideally suited for high load applications under severe conditions. All these materials are manufactured to the highest standard and meet the technical requirements of modern transport technology. The rail and transport industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, we not only offer ready-made products, but also tailor-made solutions. For example, specially manufactured bearings with reduced sliding resistance for optimal operation and longer service life. This reduces service intervals resulting in lower costs.

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