Composite plain bearings are becoming increasingly common. They are found in various industries, including the agricultural sector. Made of high-quality composite materials, these advanced plain bearings offer several advantages that contribute to the efficiency and reliability of agricultural equipment.

In the agro industry, plain bearings play a crucial role in reducing friction and wear in moving parts of machinery such as agricultural implements and transport vehicles. Composite plain bearings excel in durability and performance even under harsh operating conditions. They are resistant to corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for agricultural applications where exposure to various elements is unavoidable. Moreover, many applications can be low-maintenance, grease lubrication being possible but not necessary.

Kuhne has developed several case studies where grease lubrication was made completely unnecessary by the application of composite plain bearings. Among others, the Polylube EWS and Polylube MRP bearings are extremely suitable for these applications. The advantage of composite plain bearings without grease lubrication is that they contribute to a lower ecological footprint. Above all, it saves costs on maintenance.

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