Material Handling

Material Handling with Polylube Plain Bearings: Optimal Performance for Your Applications

Discover how these advanced plain bearings take the efficiency and reliability of your material handling processes to new heights.

Why Polylube MRP Slide Bearings for Material Handling? Polylube MRP and Polylube EWS plain bearings are known for their exceptional wear resistance. These plain bearings offer long-lasting and reliable maintenance-free performance.

Low Friction, High Efficiency: The special formulation of Polylube MRP and Polylube EWS allows these plain bearings to move smoothly with minimal friction. This results in not only increased efficiency of your material handling equipment, but also reduced wear and energy consumption.

Broad Applicability: Whether you work with loading systems, lifts, sorting systems or other material handling equipment, the versatility of Polylube MRP and Polylube EWS plain bearings makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our Solutions:

Loading systems: Polylube MRP and Polylube EWS plain bearings are frequently used in truck loading systems. These include refuse truck loading systems and tail lifts. The bearings ensure smooth noiseless movements and reduced maintenance intervals. Moreover, these bearings can often be used in low-maintenance applications, in many cases eliminating the grease lubrication system altogether.

Lifts and lifting equipment: Increase the reliability of your lifting and hoisting equipment with plain bearings that can withstand heavy loads and long-term use. In pallet truck applications in particular, Polylube MRP bearings are widely used. They are an economical choice, can withstand very high loads and can also absorb impact loads.

Impact loads in these applications take place at floor transitions. Full-load pallet trucks tend to fail at transitions between different floor heights. Composite bearing materials are resilient and can withstand short-term overloads. This distinguishes these bearings from their bronze variants. The unique winding pattern of the glass fibre wire combined with the baking process and the specific insert make these bearings a "next-level product". It is because of this that major brands unanimously choose Polylube MRP plain bearings. Minimise downtime with Polylube MRP plain bearings.

Due to the huge demand and success of these bearings, Kuhne has a unique position within Europe, we keep a large stock of these products and have very close contacts with the manufacturer of these products. This enables us to deliver in very large volumes with short delivery times.

We also offer extensive technical expertise of these products and are able to translate customer-specific wishes into these volume products. We thus offer customised solutions that go beyond mere dimensional adjustments. We work closely with you to ensure that these solutions integrate seamlessly into your processes.

Discover the benefits of Polylube MRP and Polylube EWS plain bearings.

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