Wind turbine brake pads

Wind turbine brake pads

Kühne Industrie B.V. now offers wind turbine brake pads.

Kühne Industrie B.V. has a wide range of wind turbine brake pads in its inventory. These are replacement parts for various brands such as Svendborg, Vestas, Coremo, and Twiflex. These pads are available in both organic and sintered materials.

Additionally, we provide replacement brake shoes and overhaul kits for these applications.

Available with mounting frame

Standard power unit for hydraulic safety brake, tailored to your requirements and preferences

Hose and gasket packages available in stainless steel, providing a complete solution for your braking needs

Designed to offshore protection standards

Stainless steel pistons

Stainless steel holders

Stainless steel screws and nipples

Please inquire about terms and availability.

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