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How the Brake System Works

Components of a brake system include brake pads or brake shoes. These consist of a brake lining attached to a metal back. When the brake is engaged, the pad or shoe is pressed against a metal disc or drum attached to the wheel. This slows down or stops it. As the forward motion of the wheel is converted into heat, the temperature in the brake lining can rise significantly. However, when the right brake linings are used, this is not a problem.

Where are Brake Linings Found?

Most motor vehicles, from cars to trains, have brakes and usually more than one set of brake linings. Asbestos-containing brake linings are typically found in passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, motorcycles, buses, and heavy machinery such as cranes, tractors, and locomotives. Most passenger cars have disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear wheels. Each set of brakes requires linings. Larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses, require robust brake linings. Some heavy machinery may have multiple sets of brakes. For example, a crane might have brakes on the wheels or tracks that move it forward, brakes to control the rotation of the cab, and brakes to control the crane's boom or arm.

Wear and Tear of Brake Lining

When brakes are engaged, they are subjected to high temperatures as the movement of the wheels is converted into thermal energy. They also experience some gradual wear from contact with these moving metal parts. To ensure the brakes function properly, brake linings must be regularly replaced or renewed.

Who Works with Brake Lining?

Automobile mechanics remove and replace worn brake linings on a daily basis. Many car owners, especially of older or vintage cars, may replace brake linings themselves and may help a friend or family member do the same. Assembly line workers may install brakes in new vehicles. Auto parts manufacturers may mount new brakes or reuse old pads and shoes. Operators of heavy machinery who perform their own maintenance may also replace old linings.

Kühne Industrie and Brake Lining

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