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The many possibilities of application of PA6

PA6 (Polyamide 6) is a synthetic commonly used in technical applications on account of its favourable properties. By adding an additional raw material to PA6, various properties are considerably improved, such as rigidity and mechanical strength. These modified products are used in applications where PA6 alone would have been insufficient.

Improved PA6 properties

We have various PA6 products in stock, each with their own specific properties. By adding oil to PA6, for example, its water absorption and friction values are reduced. Adding MoS2 means that wear resistance is increased and glide properties further improved. There are many other, different applications that we are happy to inform you of.
The advantages are summarised below:
  • Properties aimed at a specific situation or application 
  • High level of quality 
  • Option to obtain FDA approval for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Product range

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