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Multiplast PEEK GF30

Multiplast PEEK GF30, Polyether ether ketone with a 30% glass filling, is a thermoplastic with high temperature resistance and higher strength compared to Multiplast PEEK. The high strength of Multiplast GF30 stays even at high temperatures.
Multiplast PEEK GF30 can be delivered as full sheets and rods, cut pieces or finished products according to drawing:
Sheet Dimensions: 500 x 3000 mm
Thickness: 10 – 50 mm
Rod Length: 3000 mm
                        Diameter: 8 – 100 mm
Cut pieces On request
Parts Finished products according to drawing

 Multiplast PEEK GF30 has:
Very good impact force at low temperatures
High mechanical fatigue strength
Very low tendency to creep
Good sliding properties
Good abrasion resistance
Long-term service temperature up to +260°C
Excellent mechanical properties (even at high temperatures)

 Multiplast PEEK GF30 is used as / in: 
Pump elements
Precision parts
Valve seats
More information:
Download Datasheet
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