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Old Materials Nylon Range

Through years of experience and development of composite materials a number of materials are replaced by new, improved materials. In this overview you will find a list of possible replacements for older composite materials. 

Old materiaal:


Multiplast Oilon

Multiplast Pa6G + Oil

Multiplast Nylube

Multiplast Pa6G + Wax

Multiplast Moly

Multiplast Pa6 + MoS2 / Multiplast Pa6G + MoS2 

Multiplast HS Blue

Ask Kühne

Multiplast Aquanyl Ask Kühne
Andere producten:
Multiplast Pa6G + Wax
AVAILABILITY Multiplast Pa6G + Wax can be deliver...
Multiplast Pa6G + MoS2
Availability Multiplast Pa6G + MoS2 can be delive...