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Are you in need of Feroball® spherical bearings? Kühne is the producer of these products. They are designed for use in wet applications. Feroball® spherical bearings are well known for their very low friction coefficient and therefore  minimum stick-slip phenomenon. The Feroball® spherical bearing is not only available in various standard sizes, we can also produce the size and changes you require.

About Kühne

For over 80 years, Kühne Industrie B.V. is a well know specialist for bearing, insulation and friction applications. We are pleased to serve you with, our high quality, our high service and our flexibility.

Wide range of spherical bearings

Kühne Industrie has developed various designs and shapes of the Feroball® spherical bearing. For every specific application the spherical bearing that is working best. Our product can be delivered in various materials. As for example we produce spherical bearings with Stainless steel 316L inner and outer rings as well as complete composite bearings. Our spherical bearing can be delivered in a standard size or a even stronger HD version to cope with heavier loads. This other mechanical specifications of the HD version can be explained by the bigger outer ring. There is always room to discuss your own specific requirements like lubrication grooves, a sliding inner ring or locking grooves with our mechanical engineers.

Feroball® bearings are available with following features:

-  Diameters from 30mm up to 1000mm
-  Stainless steel / Feroform combinations and 42CrMo4V / Feroform combinations
-  Room for your own requests

For more information

In case you want more information about our Feroball® spherical bearings, you can contact us.

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