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The wear strip for every application

Kühne Industrie B.V. can provide you a wide range of custom made wear strips. In our production facility we have knowledge of composite and engineering plastic materials to help you with a wear strip for your application. A wear strip can be developed from the material completely tuned to your application, tuned to the particular properties the wear strip has to cope with.

The materials

With our brands Multiplast, Multiglide and Multibrake, we supply all kinds of engineering plastics, composites and other types of high-performance materials. Materials like PA6, PEEK, Feroform T-grades and Railko NF grades have there unique properties. These can be explained by our technical engineers so you will know the wear strip will meet your requirements.

About us

Kühne Industrie B.V. is your best partner for all kinds of sliding, friction or insulation solutions and a specialist on the development of wear strips. With our own production facility we can guaranty a fast lead time and good reliability. For us it is a main focus to provide only the best wear strip for your application.

Further information

If you have questions about a specific wear strip or application, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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