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Spherical bearing

Do you need Feroball spherical bearings? Check out Kühne Industrie

Are you looking for Feroball spherical bearings?

Kühne is a manufacturer of such bearings. They have been specially developed for wet applications. The Feroball spherical bearing is characterised by an extremely low stick slip limit. Feroball spherical bearings are available in standard sizes and can also be customised according to need.

About Kühne

Kühne Industrie BV has been known as the specialist in the field of bearing, insulation and friction technology for more than eighty years. We are pleased to be of service and offer you the highest possible quality through in-house manufacturing.

Wide range of spherical bearings

Kühne Industrie supplies Feroball bearings in a variety of designs. We have a suitable spherical bearing for every specific application. In addition, you can choose from a variety of materials. For example, we manufacture spherical bearings with stainless steel 316L outer and inner rings or fully composite versions for the best possible sliding properties and applications. The spherical bearing is available in a standard version and a heavy-duty HD version. This version is designed to handle greater forces. The maximum permissible load is higher thanks to the reinforced outer ring. In addition to this range, you can also opt for certain customisation, such as lubrication groves, sliding inner rings or locking ring groves.
Feroball bearings are available in:
Diameters ranging between 30 mm and 1000 mm 
Stainless steel 316L / Feroform combinations and 42CrMo4V / Feroform combinations 
Customised designs 


Do you want to find out more about these Feroball spherical bearings? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your personal needs. You can contact us by calling: (033) 254 22 77. Our team is at your service.
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