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The correct slide strips for the correct surface pressure and slide speed

Kühne Industrie has a wide range of slide materials and slide strips suitable for all conditions. We can calculate slide strips for your application in order to achieve the highest standing time.

Who are we?

Kühne Industrie: the specialist for engineering plastics and composite materials. We machine synthetics for a wide variety of applications, such as slide strips, bearing bushes and rope sheaves. Based on our experience and expertise, we calculate exactly which slide strip is possible or required for your application.

Slide strips for every application

Thanks to our wide range of different materials for slide strips and slide materials, we offer the correct solution for any application. The correct material combinations means that we guarantee extremely low friction values and a high level of wear resistance.

Contact us

Would you like to find out more about slide strips or other products from our range? If so, feel free to contact us. You can send an e-mail to: info@Kü Alternatively, call us on telephone number +31 (0)33-2542277.
Any Questions?
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