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Slide plate


We have the correct slide plate for every application

Kühne Industrie supplies the correct slide plate from its in-house production department. As a machining company of synthetic and composite materials, we have the knowledge and expertise to produce a slide plate for every desired application. A slide plate is designed in accordance with the specifications of the customer and made of composite materials, each with their own specific properties. Kühne fully adapts this to the application, desired pressure and slide speeds.


About us

Kühne Industrie is one of the largest players in the bearing, insulation and friction market and specialist in the development of a slide plate. We are able to offer a speedy service and high level of reliability of supply, thanks to our in-house production department. Continuous innovation and the development of high-quality products means that we are leaders in the market and that you receive the best possible slide plate for your application. 

Whatever you want

We supply different types of engineering plastics, composites and other high-quality synthetics under the brand names of Multiplast, Multiglide and Multibrake. All materials, such as PA6, Feroform T-grades and Railko NF grades offer extraordinary properties thanks to additives such as MoS2, oil, graphite and/or PTFE. So you can be assured that the slide plate meets your requirements.

For you too

Do you have any questions about the possibilities of a specific slide plate or a particular application? Please feel free to contact us, free of obligation, by means of the contact form or, alternatively, send us an e-mail at You can also call us on telephone number +31 (0)33-2542277.
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