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Rope sheave

A customised rope sheave of Kühne Industrie

Kühne Industrie offers customised solutions for the application of a synthetic rope sheave in a crane or other machinery. Synthetic rope sheaves are light and strong, enabling you to realise a considerable reduction in weight without compromising strength. In addition Kühne Industrie offers combined solutions in which cylinder roller bearings, swivel joint roller bearings or ball bearings can be mounted in your rope sheave.

Kühne for quality

Kühne Industrie has been associated with high-quality products for more than eighty years. Thanks to our in-house production and assembly department, we are among the front runners in terms of bearing, insulation and friction technology.

Selling point of our rope sheave

A synthetic rope sheave offers a number of advantages. A synthetic rope sheave is lighter and thanks to an additive to the material, the lifespan of the rope sheave is extended. Furthermore, a synthetic rope sheave is corrosion resistant.

For you too 

We will supply you with the rope sheave that you need. The range includes all format, even diameters of more than two metres are possible. For further information, please contact us by calling +31 (0)33-2542277 or send your question to: Alternatively, complete the contact form.
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