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Synthetic lager ring? K�hne has got it

Is there a bearing ring that performs to the best of its potential, even under the toughest conditions? There certainly is! Synthetic bearing rings of Kühne Industrie have extremely favourable properties. Since the material of the bearing ring can be easily adjusted, different properties can be emphasised. Kühne has a bearing ring to suit any situation or application.

Kühne stands for quality

Kühne has been associated with high-quality products for more than eighty years. We started with applications for bearing and friction technologies in 1929. And we continue to be the specialists in this field to this day. We use the latest technologies to produce high-quality products.

The possibilities are endless

The possibilities of our synthetic bearing ring are practically endless. It can be used for any industrial application with a low frictional resistance or low wear. The corrosion-resistant bearing ring is suitable for both dry and wet conditions.


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